Installation & Set Up


  1. Download sciebo for your PC.
  2. After successful download, open the installation file. The setup wizard appears.
  3. Click on "Continue" to make the installation settings.
  4. Now select where or for which users of the PC you want to install the software and click on "Continue".
  5. Click on "Install". You may have to confirm that the software may be installed on your PC. Sciebo will then be installed.
  6. Click on "Close" to close the setup wizard.

Set Up

  1. Open the client. The connection wizard appears.
  2. Enter your sciebo user name ( and your password. Click "Next".
  3. By default, your entire sciebo directory is synchronised. For folders larger than 500 MB, you must manually confirm synchronisation the first time. However, you can also change the limit or deactivate this function. (If you do not want to synchronise your entire sciebo directory, you can decide which subfolders are synchronised under "Select elements to be synchronised").
  4. Select a destination folder on your PC. (This folder will be synchronised with your sciebo directory, i.e. the data you selected from sciebo will be saved here and files and folders newly created in this folder will be uploaded to sciebo).
  5. Click on "Connect....

Note: If you want to synchronise different subfolders with different destination folders, start with the first subfolder. You can add further folder synchronisations later via the client.