Project Boxes

Space for Great Ideas

Project boxes are storage quotas for workgroups working with very large amounts of data (up to 2 TB). They are particularly suitable for long-term projects with changing project management.


The standard duration of a project box is 2 years. You can request an extension at any time in my.sciebo.


Direct access to the project box is only necessary for assigning access rights to the central project folder. For this purpose, the owner shares this folder with the project participants (also with their own personal account). The use of the project box (upload, download, editing of files) takes place - as with normal shares - via the personal accounts of the project members.


Project boxes work like normal sciebo accounts, but are impersonal, i.e. not bound to individual persons. They are managed by a designated person. However, this function can be transferred to others. The owner can manage the project box in his or her my.sciebo area and should be the only one to know the associated password.